A very attractive and useful site that offers various resources for learning English is https://www.macmillanenglish.com/blanktemplate.aspx?id=28164. It is a complex site as it is open to more categories such us: Adult and Young Adult, Business and Professional, Teenage, Young Children. The Adult and Young Adult coursebooks are sophisticated and stimulates students to engage in any kind of topics. Acces to literary sources is also a characteristic of these coursebooks.

The students of Business English are provided with an inclusive package. The Business and Professional source is relevant to everyday business English development. It  can be applied in company English, aviation English, English for Military, English for Banks etc.

The English Teenage coursebooks motivate and challenge teenage students to learn English due to their authentic, varied and content-rich topics.

BBC  Learning English  https://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglish/

contains one of the most innovative methodologies of learning English.

General and Business English provides a useful  language for different business situations. The students will have the opportunity to take part in activities that will build a career related vocabulary.

A lot of videos, texts and grammar exercises are presented in order to improve grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. If you want to relax or have fun, you can find interactive vocabulary quizzes with thousands of questions. Those interested in sports can discover enjoyable articles talking about sports.

Overall, BBC Learning English provides many vocabulary activities, listening and note-taking practice, as well as plenty of speaking and writing follow-up activities to help students process the information from the programmes as well as practice language.

https://www.english4today.com/index.php is designed to provide hundreds of grammar and vocabulary resources, online courses, IELTS, Business  English and writing courses, video English lessons. It is an active English learning environment suitable for all ages.

 Autor: Denisa Calistrate – Trainer limba Engleză și limba Franceză

Denisa a absolvit Facultatea de Litere și Arte, specializarea Engleză-Franceză în anul 2008, iar de atunci a participat la numeroase programe de internship și a profesat ca trainer de limba Engleză și limba Franceză. În prezent, Denisa este trainer A_BEST pentru cursuri corporate – limbaj general și de afaceri.