(Answers from last time: 1) a. She thinks I don’t love her, but I do; b. I’ve bought one of these tops, and Sue has too; c. Phil doesn’t want to go, and Celia doesn’t either. 2) a. correct; b. So am I or Me too; c. correct. 3) a. aren’t, b. does, c. will you? d. either)

Dear student,

1275249_study_tableI found a new material for you: it’s called Instant English (Parlog, Branzeu, Frentiu) and it contains various exercises which will test your ability to solve grammatical problems, to write on a particular topic or to make correct translations. You also have the key in case you get lost.

Till next time, here are a couple of exercises to further improve your English:

1. Choose the most suitable word of phrase in italics:

a. She passed the examination at/on the first attempt.

b. There is an exception from/to every rule

c. She was resigned to/with working for a minor company for a while.

d. I walked past/passed Madonna’s house every day.

2. Rewrite the following sentences using the word in capitals so that the meaning stays the same. Do not change the word in any way:

a. I don’t know too much about that problem.        FAMILIAR

b. Janet is responsible for the sales department.      CHARGE

c. Please do not smoke in the building.                    REFRAIN

d. Sylvia stopped driving because she was afraid she might have an accident.      FEAR

Autor: Alexandru Macovescu – Trainer intern A_BEST Limba Engleză, Italiană şi Limba Română pentru Străini

Alexandru este absolvent al Facultăţii de Limbi şi Literaturi Străine, specializarea Engleză-Italiană. În 2010, a absolvit un masterat specializat în Traducerea Textului Literar Contemporan. Alexandru are o bogată experienţă atât în predarea limbilor engleză şi italiană cât şi în traduceri şi interpretariat şi exerciţiu în utilizarea, în contexte diferite, a limbilor străine. În prezent, Alexandru predă inclusiv cursuri A_BEST de limba engleză şi italiană, limbaj general şi de afaceri, precum şi cursuri de limba română pentru străini, în cadrul companiilor.