Fiecare limbă are gama ei de cuvinte spumoase, interesante, ciudate și clasificate ca tabu de bunele maniere. Engleza britanică are un argou deosebit de vast, care dă o culoare locală oricărei idei. Vă prezentăm încă zece exemple de cuvinte caraghioase, simpatice și amuzante din argoul britanic.

  1. in a jiffy – in a minute // kip – sleep

I’ll be with you in a jiffy, I just have to get out of bed. I’ve had enough kip by now and I can begin the day.

2. lump it – accept a situation because you cannot change it // lugholes – ears

Use your lugholes and pay attention! You need to clean your desk right now, like it or lump it.

3. in mint condition – in perfect condition // moniker – name, nickname

They bought this car in mint condition, and they gave it a moniker, too! They call it Minty.

4. not half – not at all // not the brightest crayon in the box – not a clever person

The competition is not half bad, but their Marketing Director is not the brightest crayon in the box. I think we may actually have a better advertising campaign!

5. on about – talk about // O.T.T. – over the top, unacceptable

What’s he on about? He’s gone wildly over the top with that idea!

6. porkies – lies // pub grub – the food you can eat in a pub

This cook is surely telling porkies. Fries and omelette have always been the usual pub grub. Who would order a soup in a pub?

7. quite – absolutely // be quids-in – make a profit

“If sales take off this month, we’ll be quids-in.”


8. rabbit on – talk for too long about something that is unimportant // readies – money, paper money

I can’t listen to this guy anymore, he’s rabbiting on about world economy, but he’s completely ignoring local economy! I’m going out to get some snacks. Have you got any readies?

9. suss out – figure out // soz – sorry

I’ve sussed out what you meant by that, so soz! I’m taking back what I said yesterday.

10. twee – excessively delicate or cute // ta – thanks

“This family picture of yours is so twee!”



Autor: Magda Ciornei – trainer A_BEST de limba engleză și limba franceză 

Magdalena Ciornei este absolventă a Facultăţii de Limbi şi Literaturi Străine, specializarea Engleză – Franceză, din cadrul Universităţii din Bucureşti, promoţia 2008. Totodată, Magdalena a absolvit la aceeaşi universitate Masteratul European pentru Formarea Interpreților de Conferință.

Magdalena predă cursuri de limba engleză şi limba franceză, limbaj general şi de afaceri, atât la sediul A_BEST, cât şi la sediul companiilor multinaţionale.