(Answers from last time: 1. travel, trips, trip, travel, voyage, travels; 2. Can you put me up for the night? Can you put up with me? Are you put off by these rings in my nose? Can I put my word in? Maybe I won’t put you out if I sleep on the sofa downstairs. You know I put off leaving for Cornwall in order to come and see you. I’ve been trying to put it simple. It doesn’t look as if I put it right.)

948188_learning_with_pencilThis will be the last article in this section. I found a new material for you: Total English (Antonia Clare, JJ Wilson). It’s ideal for those of you who want to improve your vocabulary and grammar. It has 10 units (Friends, Media, Lifestyle, Wealth, Spare time, Holidays, Education, Change, Jobs, Memories). Each unit focuses on vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, reading, writing, listening, followed by review and consolidation exercises.

The following exercises will be focusing on wealth:

A. Cross out the word/phrase that can’t follow the phrasal verb.

1. I broke up with my boyfriend/our relationship/my wife.

2. They dropped out of the lesson/college/school.

3. We had to work out the answer/what to do/quickly.

4. I picked up my errors/many skills/some vocabulary.

5. We ran out of time/life/money.

6. She caught up with her time/him/her work.

7. He ended up working here/in hospital/finally.

8. I don’t get on with him/my boss/my shoes.

9. They put up with the noise/the opportunity/the weather.

10. They knocked down the car/the wall/the house.

B. Find pairs of opposites in the box. Answer the questions using the words/expressions.

reward                       buyer                           not worth the moneytime to spare            produce                       respond to an advertisment


success                      use money wisely       failure          punishment


seller                         consume           not enough time


advertise                  waste money        good value for money

1. What do you have if you’re early? ……

2. What do you get if you commit a crime? A….

3. What do you think if something is excellent and cheap? It’s…

4. What do companies do to sell more of their products? ….

5. What do eaters, drinkers and buyers do? ……

6. What do you win if you do something good? A….

7. What do you have if you or your company does something well? A……

8. What do you think if something is expensive and bad? It’s….

9. What do you do if you spend money on stupid things? ….

10. What do you have if you’re in a hurry? ….

Autor: Alexandru Macovescu – Trainer intern A_BEST Limba Engleză, Italiană şi Limba Română pentru Străini

Alexandru este absolvent al Facultăţii de Limbi şi Literaturi Străine, specializarea Engleză-Italiană. În 2010, a absolvit un masterat specializat în Traducerea Textului Literar Contemporan. Alexandru are o bogată experienţă atât în predarea limbilor engleză şi italiană cât şi în traduceri şi interpretariat şi exerciţiu în utilizarea, în contexte diferite, a limbilor străine. În prezent, Alexandru predă inclusiv cursuri A_BEST de limba engleză şi italiană, limbaj general şi de afaceri, precum şi cursuri de limba română pentru străini, în cadrul companiilor.