I’ve thought of coming up with 10 interesting idioms based on animals, but this time you’ll have to figure out their meaning, by doing the following exercise. Try to match the animalefollowing idioms to their definitions to see how many animal idioms you know.

Idioms based on animals:

  1. better to be the head of a dog than the tail of a lion
  2. a paper tiger
  3. dog days
  4. a bull in a china shop
  5. a cat in gloves catches no mice
  6. to smell fishy
  7. (a) little bird told me
  8. dog and pony show
  9. let the cat out of the bag
  10.  kill two birds with one stone


a) the hottest days of the summer

b) to seem suspicious

c) to achieve two things in a single action

d) to reveal a secret, usually without intending to

e) it is better to be the leader of a small group than a subordinate in a bigger one

f) a very clumsy person

g) a person, a country or organisation that seems powerful, but is actually very weak

h) something that you say when you don’t want to reveal who gave you the information being discussed

i) you may not get what you want by being careful and polite

j) an event that has been organised to impress people and make them buy something

Till next time, good luck with the exercise!

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