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A_BEST, one of the leading independent foreign language centers in Romania, with more than 15 years of experience on the market, announces new online foreign language courses for groups (6-8 attendees), with an individual trainer, in the February – April 2024 session. Increase your chances of career advancement with the A_BEST online foreign language courses: interactive English or German lessons.

How are foreign languages and money connected?

We are living in a multilingual and multicultural world. In this globalization era, English knowledge, for instance, is no longer simply an option, but an essential requirement. A_BEST foreign language courses are designed to help you improve your vocabulary and communicate confidently in a foreign language with superiors, clients, suppliers, co-workers from other countries and so on. The classes are interactive and put an emphasis on improving fluency, so that you can effectively use the language you are studying.

“Being proficient in one or more foreign languages will definitely provide great professional advantages: your value on the job market is directly proportional to the number of languages you speak and to your language levels. At the same time, your salary will also increase. There are many companies that take into account the foreign languages spoken by the candidates in the recruitment process or in the promotion stages. Therefore, it is important to expand your English knowledge and not limit yourself to what you studied in high-school or university”

stated Aura Icodin, Founder and CEO of A_BEST Foreign Language Center

Why should you choose A_BEST courses?

Our A_BEST trainers adapt their materials to your field of work, so that they are highly useful for you, whether they are business related topics or about day-to-day life. Moreover, groups have a limited number of participants, so that teaching is as effective as possible. You also have the opportunity to interact with other people and make new friends.

Throughout the course, trainers will monitor and assess your progress and will offer advice for you to build up confidence in your speaking skills.

“Learning a new skill, like speaking a foreign language, is an opportunity that can be immediately turned to good account by exploring the resources provided by the virtual environment. Besides, online courses are not a novelty, they are actually an alternative to the standard approach of studying in the classroom because the participants can attend the course from wherever they are. Moreover, A_BEST trainers constantly use interactive learning activities, online platforms being extremely helpful in this respect, by providing the possibility of sharing the screen, using the online board or creating live polls”

, added Aura Icodin.

A_BEST courses benefits:

If you sign up for one of the online courses that A_BEST organizes in the February – April 2024 session, you have the following benefits:

  • interactive teaching method (Communicative Language Teaching);

  • flexible schedule: courses take place in the evening, after the standard working schedule;

  • groups are organized by language level, according to the Common European Framework – A1.1, A1.2., B1.1., B1.2., B2.1. etc;
  • small groups for effective learning;

  • online format, on Zoom, using technology in the teaching process to the fullest to aid trainees directly;

  • gifted trainers that have international certifications and experience in teaching foreign languages to adults;

  • initial assessment and free digital course materials. 

It is important to know that the course can be paid in equal installments (the first installment is paid before the starting date of the course, and the second – throughout the course, according to the contract). In case of full fee payment, before the starting date of the course, a 10% discount is provided.

The A_BEST online foreign language courses calendar for the February – April 2024 session can be accessed here: 

Open A_BEST online English courses for groups with individual trainer
Open A_BEST online German courses for groups with individual trainer
Signing up for the courses can be done by contacting or 0762 274 914

About A_BEST Foreign Language Center

A_BEST Foreign Language Center is currently one of the leading independent centers for learning foreign languages in Romania.

Having a selection of more than 15 foreign languages, three international accreditations and a national one, A-BEST Foreign Language Center has had, in its more than 15 years of activity on the market, approximately 400 clients — (multinational or national companies from Top 300, from FMCG, retail, logistics, banking, PHARMA, transport, IT&C, BPO, TELECOM, insurances, tourism as well as institutions, embassies etc) and in the last 5 years the A_BEST team provided more than 50.000 hours of corporate foreign language courses.

For further details you can access:
Contact:, 0762 274 914.