It is always very important to keep up with the dynamism, the creativity and the innovation that the new generations are adding to the society and to the educational environment. Not necessarily because they see the change as a new opportunity, but because they are striving to transform their ideas into something new, easy to use and which could make their lives better.

FABIZI am a believer in the educational processes and initiatives. I like to develop new projects, to involve myself in volunteer work and to let my passion and ambition speak for me. That’s why I believe I’ve managed to move things a little bit further, beyond the regular, together with my colleagues and professors from the Faculty of Business Administration, foreign languages teaching, within the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. I strongly consider that the efforts of including companies, other organizations and educational projects in this matter have the power of bringing many positive aspects in the short to medium period, not only for the educational environment, but for the future generations too.

That’s why, when the opportunity of joining the partners of the Open 4 Business initiative was discussed so as to encourage the students who would like to participate with a paper on the Scientific Session, I accepted the idea and prepared a paper for the A_BEST Foreign Language Center. The project presented by me was perceived in a good way by the commission and I was awarded the first prize, alongside with a reward of my effort, which in my opinion supports the idea developed by me above, of investing in education (a course for beginners in German, which for me has been on the “To Learn” List for a while).

The variety of papers, subjects and students, coming from The Bucharest University of Economic Studies and from the Politehnica University from Bucharest was a large one, having topics in fields like: Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, IT and Telecommunications, Negotiations, Quality Management, Energy, International Relations and Management, Human Resources, Business Models, Banking, CSR, Auto Industry, Leadership or Intercultural Management).

The students from the bachelor and master academic stages enjoyed, as stated before,   the presence and the active involvement of several companies as follows: TUV Karpat, Cert Biz, A_BEST, BEIA Consult, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Länderprogramm Rumänien or Deloitte. The representatives of the companies proposed actual business environment topics for the papers and awarded prizes for the best projects.

In conclusion, we can admit that the Scientific Session was a success, all the parties involved being satisfied to attend the event, and this certifies (if it was still necessary) that the academic and professional fields have to go hand in hand for a better and developed future.

Andrei Răduţu

1st year Research Master Student

Faculty of Business Administration, foreign languages teaching

The Bucharest University of Economic Studies