The A_BEST Foreign Language Center team of translators can provide reliable language support for any company. The A_BEST translators place their clients and their clients’ requirements first. Therefore, they are committed to strictly respecting both the translation deadline and the deadline for the delivery of the translated work. A_BEST translators can find solutions to the most difficult language situations. They have experience in the field and can translate the source text as accurately as possible into the target language. At the same time, when translating they take into account the cultural differences. Moreover, the A_BEST translators’ team guarantees the confidentiality of the information contained in the materials provided to each client.

One of the features of the A_BEST Foreign Language Center is its flexibility. For this reason, the translation team tries to provide the clients with as many delivery options for the translation as possible. For example, plain translations can only be transmitted online. Thus, the necessary document to be translated is received by e-mail, and its translation is sent to the client in the same way.

The A_BEST translators’ team performs plain translations and authorized translations for various fields of activity:

  • Translations of websites

  • Technical translations

  • Economic translations

  • Legal translations

  • Medical/ pharmaceutical translations

  • Financial-banking translations

  • IT translations

  • Literary translations

The price varies depending on: the length of the text to be translated; the degree of difficulty and degree of linguistic specialization; the delivery deadline.

Foreign languages in the A_BEST portfolio: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.