1. We ____ very tired.
2. __________ has blue eyes.
3. 31
4. __________ pen is this?
5. Is this your book?
6. Where are my glasses?
7. _____? I’m Jane.
8. Whose shoes are these?
9. What’s your favourite hobby?
10. What do you do?
11. Where do you work?
12. Tom is very tall. He’s the ___ boy in the class.
13. Jane doesn’t have ____ sisters.
14. Tim’s father is ____ cook in the family.
15. Every Sunday Mike_____ to a football match.
16. Jose Armando comes from ____ small village in Spain.
17. What did Jane eat for lunch?
18. _____? An action movie.
19. Over four hundred people live here, _____?
20. You enjoyed your vacation in Italy, ___?
21. What were you doing on Sunday evening?
22. How long does the flight last?
23. Did you use to have piano lessons?
24. When was the football match?
25. It’s raining outside, you ___ take an umbrella with you.
26. ___________ pharmacies open at 3:00am?
27. Not many people know ____ Delphi used to be a Greek settlement.
28. “Congratulations, you’ve won one million Dollars. If I were you, I ____ invest the money in a new business.”
29. It sounds amazing! I have a leaflet from the Tourist Information office _____ me all about it.
30. This manuscript was written 200 years ____ .
31. Thanks for ____ to be interviewed for the newspaper, Mr Brown.
32. Is it true that you ____ here in Bucharest?
33. If I ____ known you were visiting us, I should have made some cookies.
34. Maria can’t come this morning; she’s taking care ____ her little brother.
35. He doesn’t like _____ of it. It was many years ago.
36. The food in that new diner was so terrible that I ___ eat it.
37. This year our firm is expected to ____ $2 million before tax.
38. ____ being in pain, Mark was not hospitalized.
39. For the past 10 years parents have been _____ with studies about nutrition in the press and on television.
40. I think I ought to try somewhere else; I don’t like _____ of these.
41. Before your test paper yesterday, you ____ really worried!
42. If you had told me that you had already been to France, I wouldn’t ____ the holiday in Paris.
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