Last time we talked about idioms based on fruits, but vegetables are also used figuratively in English idioms to describe different kinds of people or things. Today we are going to discover some vegetable idioms. Read the following examples and try to figure out the meaning of these idioms from the context. Afterwards, try to match the idioms to their definitions.


legumeHe has become a couch potato. He never leaves the house.

She’s always full of beans, even when she gets up very early.

They’re not even sisters, but they’re like two peas in a pod.

Please don’t spill the beans about Helen’s surprise party.

Sometimes parents have to take the carrot and stick approach to discipline their children.

My father is blond and my mother is a carrot-top.

She acts as cool as a cucumber even in the most difficult situations.

bicicleta_legumeHer cousin isn’t a pea-brained person. He just acts like one.

The issue of street dogs is a hot potato for our city.

We are not going to use this contract later on. It’s just small potatoes.


  1. couch potato
  2. be full of beans
  3. (like) two peas in a pod
  4. spill the beans
  5. carrot and stick (approach)
  6. a carrot-top
  7. (as) cool as a cucumber
  8. pea-brained
  9. hot potato
  10. small potatoes


a) Disclose a secret or a surprise

b) Something insignificant

c) Foolish or stupid

d) Extremely calm

e) A situation that is controversial and difficult or dangerous to deal with

f) Very similar

g) Be very energetic and enthusiastic

h) A person with orange or red hair

i) A system which includes both rewards and punishments

j) A person who does not have an active life and spends a lot of time watching television

Find the answers in the next article!

Good luck!

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