A_BEST Teachers’ Club

A_BEST Teachers’ Club

A_BEST Teachers’ Club is a non-profit organization, set up to contribute to the development of the education sector of our country, by improving the professional skills of teachers and trainers in Romania.

The objectives of the association:

  • To promote lifelong education for teachers and trainers in Romania;

  • To organize training and practical workshops aimed at developing teaching skills;

  • To organize conferences, workshops and summer schools for teachers and trainers;

  • To organize study and research centers focused on teaching methods in order to enhance the learning process;

  • To contribute to publishing different articles, books etc in the field of education.

Do you want to develop professionally as a trainer/teacher?

We look forward to your attending our workshops, available from March 2020:

Stay tuned and be the first to find out all the details of the A_BEST Teachers’ Club agenda.


Would you like to contribute to the development of the next generation of teachers and trainers?

We are open to partnerships with individuals/ companies who can finance, through sponsorship, the association’s programs.