A_BEST Soft Skills

A_BEST Soft Skills

About the A_BEST Soft Skills Division

Social skills, also known as „soft skills”, have become increasingly important to companies looking for new candidates for available jobs or wanting to contribute to the improvement of their employees’ skills.

Social skills and the way employees use these skills in their work environment contribute to the improvement of the human relations, of teamwork and of the organization’s image.

If the so-called technical skills or „hard skills” can ensure that you find a job in a reputed company and can contribute to your development in the workplace, „soft skills” help you stand out, build relations and increase productivity in the workplace.

Benefitting from the support of its partners, A_BEST Soft Skills division proposes a series of training packages (workshops, coaching/mentoring sessions) for companies interested in harmonizing their employees’ social skills with the business environment in which they operate.

The topics addressed in these workshops and coaching/mentoring sessions include:

  • workplace productivity
  • time management
  • creative problem solving
  • identity conflict management
  • public speaking
  • media training, etc.

Structure and organization:

  • Schedule: set by joint agreement, depending on the hourly availability of the company/the accessibility of the training room

  • Structure: theoretical notions and practical applications

  • Number of participants: minimum 1 participant – maximum 12 participants (one-to-one sessions/mini-groups/groups);

  • Location: at your company’s premises or at A_BEST Business Lounge, located in 15 A General Ernest Broşteanu Street, district 1, Bucharest (Piața Romană – Dorobanți area);

About the trainers in the A_BEST Soft Skills Division who will deliver the training:

The trainers who deliver A_BEST soft skills training sessions are duly qualified, they hold MBAs and are accredited by the National Certification Authority as trainers and personal development advisers. They also have experience in corporate business, international marketing and in training and advising human resources. At the same time, most of them are authors of scientific articles/specialized works and of innovative notions in training and counselling.

We can make available to companies a presentation of the training services we offer, on request, along with a customized price scheme.