(Answers from last time: ex 1: went, was ringing, drove, was taking off, were living; ex. 2: It has been decided…., It has been cleaned, Because he hasn’t been selected, It has been fixed on…)

Dear student,

This week I decided to switch to vocabulary practice, more specifically to idioms, which are a great way to test or improve your English knowledge. Therefore, Test Your English Idioms (Peter Watcyn-Jones) is a very helpful instrument, containing multiple choice exercises, crosswords, exercises where you have to match up an idiom with a suitable definition, etc. The learning of idioms can be enjoyable, while at the same opening your linguistic mind.

So, for next time, here is a multiple choice exercise. Let’s see if you know the right idiom:

1. I wouldn’t move there – not for all the…

a. fish in the sea     b. sand in the Sahara   c. guns in Texas  d. tea in China

2. I just couldn’t remember her name even though it was on the… of my tongue.

a. edge  b. tip   c. top   d. front

3. That’s exactly what I mean, Ben. You’ve…!

a. put your foot in it    b. killed two birds with one stone    c. put two and two together     d. hit the nail on the head

4. “If only I hadn’t lent him all that money!”

“Well you did, so it’s no good crying over…milk.”

a. spilt    b. stale   c. rotten   d. stolen

5. She was in such a hurry in the morning that she put her jumper on…

a. sideways   b. upside-down   c. inside out   d. off the cuff

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