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Is your grammar a bit rusty? Things couldn’t be easier. Georgiana Gălăţeanu Fârnoagă’s Exerciţii de gramatică engleză is the perfect tool to help you brush up your grammar knowledge. This works deals primarily with major problems which we come across when using tenses, so special attention has been given to the main simple and progressive tenses: Present, Past, Present Perfect, Past Perfect, Future, Future Perfect. However, other grammar structures have not been neglected: if clauses, other hypothetical constructions, passive voice, indirect speech.

The exercises range from an elementary level to an advanced level. Each chapter begins with simple exercises and continues with more complex ones, which require the use of grammatical constructions in communicational situations.

The vocabulary and the exercise themes are varied (Preserving the Environment, Sports, Driving a Car).

Below you have a preview which I hope will wet your appetite*:

1. Fill in the blanks with the past tense simple or continuous of the verbs in brackets:

  1. He (go) to school by bicycle last year.
  2. When she reached the door, the bell (ring).
  3. He (drive) all the way to London.
  4. Michael missed the flight. The plane (take off) when he arrived at the airport.
  5. The Grants (live) in Brasov when I met them

2. Answer these questions using the present perfect negative, passive voice, in your answers.

  1. What time is the opening ceremony? (it/decide)
  2. Why isn’t the car ready? (it/clean)
  3. Why is Bob unhappy about the coach’s decision (he/select)
  4. When is the conference (it/fix).

(*Taken from Exerciţii de gramatică engleză, Georgiana Gălăţeanu-Fârnoagă, Omegapres Publishing House, Bucharest, pages 108-381).

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Autor: Alexandru Macovescu

Alexandru Macovescu – Trainer intern A_BEST Limba Engleză, Italiană şi Limba Română pentru Străini

Alexandru este absolvent al Facultăţii de Limbi şi Literaturi Străine, specializarea Engleză-Italiană. În 2010, a absolvit un masterat specializat în Traducerea Textului Literar Contemporan. Alexandru are o bogată experienţă atât în predarea limbilor engleză și italiană cât și în traduceri și interpretariat și exerciţiu în utilizarea, în contexte diferite, a limbilor străine. În prezent, Alexandru predă inclusiv cursuri A_BEST de limba engleză și italiană, limbaj general și de afaceri, precum şi cursuri de limba română pentru străini, în cadrul companiilor.