(Answers from last time: 1A, 2D, 3B, 4A, 5A)

Dear student,

I found a new learning material which will help you practise the verb, such an important part of the English language. The book is called English for Examinations (Barbara Pawlowska, Zbigniew Kempinski) and focuses solely on the verb. Each tense is explained and then your knowledge is tested through various types of exercises: multiple choice, gap filling, error recognition, rephrasal, translation). Don’t worry, modal verbs have not been omitted.

At the end you have some general tests which cover all the previous material.

Till next time, here is a sample:

1. Lightning…. the house during the storm last week.

A. striked

B. stroke

C. struck

D. stricken

2. We… in the shade for an hour on that sunny afternoon.

A. laid

B. lay

C. lied

D. lain

3. The illness… to spread among the local population around 1921.

A. ceased

B. deceased

C. seized

D. diseased

4. The hurricane… some of the tallest trees five years ago.

A. falled

B. felled

C. felt

D. fell

5. They… him king of the land.

A. elected

B. selected

C. nominated

D. made

Autor: Alexandru Macovescu – Trainer intern A_BEST Limba Engleză, Italiană şi Limba Română pentru Străini

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