(Answers from last time: I. 1g, 2 d, 3a, 4e, 5b; II. 1. in, 2. to, 3. up, 4. to, 5. on).

1265010_pencils_and_pensI found a new material just for you (Real English Grammar by Hester Lott), in order to improve your grammar (verb forms, irregular plurals and so on). This book is for those who have already learnt the basics of English and need to improve their knowledge in order to reach a superior level of understanding. Each unit presents a grammar problem, which is thoroughly tackled with. The grammar boxes are all very clearly highlighted, thus making it easier for you what you want to study.

At the end you will find useful lists of irregular verbs and of plural nouns. Furthermore, you have a pronunciation guide and lots of other linguistic surprises.

Till next time, here a few exercises focusing on must, have to and need to.

A. Choose the right solution:

1. If you want to cycle to school, you must/need have a safety certificate.

2. You mustn’t/have got to do the training course to get a certificate.

3. Children must/need wear helmets when they ride bicycles.

4. Bicycles must/need be locked securely when left outside the school.

5. You mustn’t/don’t have to leave your bicycle by the fence.

B. Make sentences which mean the same as the following, using the correct form of the modal in the brackets. Use contracted forms where you can.

1. The instructions say, “Lay out the pieces on the floor.” (have got to)


2. It is important that we check all the pieces are there. (must)


3. The instructions say, “Start with sections 1, 2, and 3.” (have to)


4. Don’t glue the pieces together before you are sure that they are in the right position. (must not)


5. It’s impossible to make the desk without having another person to help you. (need)


Autor: Alexandru Macovescu – Trainer intern A_BEST Limba Engleză, Italiană şi Limba Română pentru Străini

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