(Answers from last time: 1. a. on, b. to, c. to, d. past; 2. a. I’m not very familiar with the problem, b. Janet is in charge of the sales department, c. Please refrain from smoking in the building, d. Sylvia stopped driving for fear she might have an accident.)

Dear student,

948188_learning_with_pencilI have found a new material for you: it’s called Idioms Organiser (Wright), perfect for self-study. It makes learning easier, by organising the difficult areas in three ways:

– Metaphors such as business is war, life is a journey, economics is flying, organisations are gardens

– Topics including family, holiday, dreams, health, memory, mistakes, money, moods, people

– Key words: all, way, know, point, life, line, side, point, back, cut, end, fall.

For now, let’s focus on some eye idioms.

I. Complete the sentences with these expressions containing the word eye:

a. in the public eye

b. see eye to eye

c. pull the wool over my eyes

d. eyes in the back of your head

e. up to my eyes

f. more to him than meets the eye

g. with my eyes closed

h. out of the corner of my eye

1. I spend a lot of time on the road in my job. I’ve driven from London to Edinburgh so many times now I could do it……………..

2. I’ve got three young children. You can’t sit down and relax for a minute. You need…………..

3. I wouldn’t want to be famous. You live your life………..You get no privacy whatsoever. It would drive me mad.

4. Sorry, but I’m afraid I have to cancel lunch together. I’m………  in work at the moment. How about next week?

5. I get on very well with my father. We………… on most things.

II. Add the missing prepositions:

1….. the public eye

2. turn a blind eye…… it

3. ……. to my eyes in work

4. see eye……. eye

5. keep an eye….. my things

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