Today we are going to have a quiz.

1265010_pencils_and_pensChoose the correct answer:

1. We can ask for a meeting using the following phrase:

a) ’I’m a bit tied up then. How about another time? ’

b) ’Perhaps we could meet and go over the details in person? ’

c) ’Yes, that would be fine. ’

2. The meeting that is held at the beginning of a project is called:

a) progress meeting

b) team meeting

c) kick-off meeting

3. We’ve decided to ……………………………………… the meeting. Instead, could you just email me your comments?

a) postpone

b) attend

c) cancel

4. When you meet people for the first time you should avoid these topics of conversation:

a) your private life, travel

b) your health, gossip

c) museums and travel

5. You can ask permission to use someone’s  first name with the following phrase:

a) ’Please, call me Susan.’

b)’By the way, it’s Andrew.’

c) ’Do you mind if I call you George?’

6. We use the following phrase ’Would you like to make a point here?’ in order to:

a) report progress

b) ask for a comment

c) ask for an opinion

7. What phrase can you use in order to deal with an interruption?

a) ’Let me come back to that  later.’

b) ’I’d like to make a point here, if I could.’

c) ’Things aren’t running as smoothly as I’d hoped.’

8. Before we …………………… I want to remind you to sign the attendance form.

a) adjourn

b) wrap up

c) stick to the agenda

9. The rate of unemployment ___________________ (reach a high) in 2007.

a) reached a high

b) has reached a high

c) is reaching

10. If you have any questions, please ……………..  now.

a) speak up

b) reach a decision

c) take the minutes

Autor: Cecilia Stănia – Trainer intern A_BEST Limba Engleză

Cecilia Stănia este absolventă a Facultăţii de Limbi şi Literaturi Străine Dimitrie Cantemir, specializarea Studii Limba şi literatura Engleză– Limba şi Literatura Germană, promoţia 2010.

Cecilia a fost mereu interesată să-şi îmbunătăţească cunoştinţele de limba engleză, de aceea ea a urmat modulul Psihopedagogic Nivelul I.

În calitate de trainer A_BEST, Cecilia predă engleza – limbaj general şi business – în mediul corporate.