After the boarding process starts, you can board the airplane and you will be greeted by the flight attendants. They wear uniforms in the colors of the airline company they work for and they can help you with any questions you may have.

Take a look at your boarding pass and find your seat number. The seat number usually consists of a number and a letter (25A, 13C, 30D). Look for the seat numbers above the chairs. If your seat is right next to the window, you have a window seat. If your seat is close to the aisle, the narrow passage between the seats where passengers can walk up and down, then you have an aisle seat. You don’t get the best view from an aisle seat, but you’ll be the first to exit the plane after landing!

You should put the hand luggage and other bags you may have in the overhead compartments, the storage spaces that are found above the seats, along the aisle. If there is not enough room for your luggage there, you can simply put it under the seat in front of you.

The flight attendant will let the passengers know about the safety procedures and will help them whenever they need. Each seat has its own seat belt. When the seat belt sign is on, make sure you fasten your seat belt. You have to do this before take-off and landing.

There is a tray table in front of your seat that you can use as a table for reading, having a snack or using a laptop/tablet. Make sure your tray is in upright position during take-off and landing, otherwise the flight attendant will ask you to do that. (Put up your tray table, please!)

There are some rules you have to remember. Smoking is not allowed. You must respect your seat number and not disturb other passengers. Also, make sure your devices are turned off or switched to airplane mode during take-off and landing.

Usually, soon after take-off, the flight attendants will bring the passengers some refreshments. Depending on the airline company you are flying with, you can get a bottle of water and a light snack or even hot meals and various drinks. In this case, the flight attendant may ask you: What would you like to drink? You can have water, coffee, tea, juice, soda or even small quantities of alcohol.
Some typical questions that you may ask the flight attendants:

  • Where is the toilet?
  • When are we landing?
  • Could I get a…?
  • Could you tell me…?

You will hear the pilot talking about the status of your flight, the weather conditions and the expected time of arrival. When you get closer to your destination you will feel the aircraft descending and you will start to see the ground and even some cities. If you have a window seat you will enjoy the best view.
After the plane lands you should keep your seat belt fastened until the plane stops. You should wait for the aisle to be clear of passengers and then take your suitcase from the overhead compartment. Make sure you don’t leave any trash behind. Give it to the flight attendant when they come to collect it. The flight attendants will now say goodbye and you may now exit the airplane and head over to the arrivals terminal to retrieve your checked luggage.

Autor: Ana-Maria Păun, Senior English Trainer, Centrul de Limbi Străine A_BEST

Ana-Maria Păun este absolventă a Facultății de Limbi și Literaturi Străine, specializarea Limba și Literatura Rusă – Limba și Literatura Engleză, și a masterului specializat în traducere din limba rusă intitulat Limba Rusă Aplicată – Tehnici de traducere. Ana-Maria deține atestatul lingvistic Cambridge Advanced, precum și un certificat de traducător pentru limba engleză, în domeniile literatură și medicină-farmacie.

Ana este pasionată de studiul și predarea limbilor străine și s-a implicat de-a lungul timpului în numeroase proiecte ca traducător voluntar, cu precădere în domeniul educației. Firea calmă, adaptabilitatea și răbdarea Anei fac din cursurile de limba engleză un mediu plăcut, unde cursanții capătă încredere în propriile forțe și își perfecționează abilitățile. Cursurile Anei sunt dinamice, având la bază activități interactive și tematici variate, relevante și actuale.