People born under this sign are very ambitious and determined to achieve their goals. They are brave and competitive, enjoying competition and always striving to be the best. However, they may become insistent and stubborn, which means it can be pretty difficult to negotiate with them when they’ve set their mind on something.

At work they are hardworking and very organized. They are decisive, which means they can make decisions quickly and effectively, and this also makes them great leaders. They can be impulsive sometimes because they are not afraid of taking risks. Aries individuals are very loyal and sincere friends. They are people-oriented and some of the most generous individuals you can ever meet.


They are independent and self-reliant individuals. This means they are able to earn a living and take care of themselves without other people’s intervention. Taurus individuals are strong-minded, unwilling to change their opinions and beliefs, and can even be quite stubborn at times. They enjoy stability and they are not fond of sudden changes or surprises.

As employees, they are hardworking, reliable and focused. They are determined to achieve their goals and can work hard for a long period of time. They have a strong desire of being financially successful because they can sometimes be materialistic people. They are impatient and they hate to wait or waste time.


Geminis are extremely sociable and outgoing people, that are eager to interact with as many people as possible. They are communicative and usually extrovert individuals. They are self-reliant and independent by nature. Moreover, these natives are flexible and adaptable to change, and because they are keen on variety they are continuously looking for new experiences. They dislike routine and monotonous activities.

The ideal job for a Gemini would be one based on communication. They are dynamic, skillful and creative and they love challenges. They are also fast learners, always ready to pick up a new skill. They are encouraging and supportive with their friends. They are spontaneous, always looking for fun and stimulating activities. However, they can be rather impulsive at times and act without thinking.


People born under this sign are known for being highly sensitive and gentle by nature. They are calm individuals, and rather reserved and cautious to expose their feelings. It may take a while until you get to know them deeply. They are intuitive and are great at reading people. Cancers are also very kind, empathetic and enjoy helping others. They are friendly and sociable, but they also enjoy their solitude. They get along well with most people because they are understanding and open-minded, which means they accept new ideas and perspectives easily.

They are highly responsible and pragmatic and they are doing great job at work. They are trustworthy colleagues. Cancer individuals are faithful friends and partners, that cherish long lasting relationships. They are known for being family-oriented and protective towards their loved ones. Peace and harmony are very important features for them.


Leos are proactive individuals and natural-born leaders. They are often self-assured, which means they are confident in their abilities and potential. They are charismatic and enjoy being in the spotlight, often being extroverts. Sometimes, this can lead them to be rather self-centered, which means they will be primarily interested in themselves and their needs. People born under this sign are optimists, so they have a positive thinking which charms people around them. They are also sociable and very friendly so interaction comes easy for them. They are not good at hiding their feelings and they can be straightforward in expressing their ideas and opinions.

They are very ambitious and once they’ve set their goals there is nothing that can stop them. They are determined and resilient. In their personal life they are generous and affectionate and they are also very protective of their loved ones.


Virgos are perfectionists and work hard to achieve the results they expect. People born under this sign are known for being extremely organized and methodical individuals, as they like planning and organising every aspect of their work and personal life. They are calculated, thinking carefully before making a decision and they are surely not fond of the unknown, so they plan everything in advance. They may not very adaptable to change as they cherish stability and routine.

They may seem distant, but they are just cautious of opening up to people and showing their true feelings. They are calm and avoid confrontations. However, due to their strong attention to detail, Virgos tend to overthink and be self-critical. They have strong opinions and are not easily influenced. They are always supportive of their friends and partners.


People born under this sign are known for being highly diplomatic and well-mannered. They are sociable and charismatic individuals that can easily attract people around them by being charming and knowledgeable. Libras are calm and balanced and they do their best to avoid conflict. They don’t like taking any risks, so they are hesitant when faced with making important decisions, as they like to analyze the situation carefully from all possible angles. That is why libras are not very spontaneous. They can come across as indecisive, not being able to make a decision quickly and taking too long to think.

They are highly intellectual individuals, with a fine taste in art. They tend to be extremely skeptical by nature, so they won’t believe everything they hear before double-checking. They are organized and because they have great communication skills they are sure to become great leaders.


Scorpios are self-confident and independent individuals. It’s difficult to know what lies inside a Scorpio’s mind as they are reserved and rather secretive, not exposing their thoughts and feelings too easily. This adds an aura of mistery to them. Oftentimes they can be quite stubborn, so it may be difficult to persuade or influence them. They are brave and not afraid of challenging situations. Scorpios like to lead and be in control.

At work they are very serious, motivated and are often successful people. They set high goals because they are ambitious individuals, determined to achieve them all. Scorpios are also highly competitive as employees. In their personal life, they are faithful friends, but they tend to be resentful, as they can hold grudges for a long time.


Their curious nature makes them highly knowledgeable individuals, well-informed and passionate about various subjects. Sagittarius individuals are humorous, open-minded and fun, and their humour and intelligence attract people around them easily. They are fond of freedom, which means they are adventurous and they enjoy travelling and exploring new and interesting places. Although Sagittarius people love being free and independent, they are very loyal and committed partners.

They are highly devoted to their friends. They are honest, kind, generous and reliable, which means friends can count on them when they are in need. Sometimes their honesty can make them straightforward individuals, which might easily upset other zodiac signs.


They are ambitious and highly motivated to reach their goals and be successful. Moreover, they are also very disciplined and among the most resilient signs of the zodiac, having the power to keep going no matter how many challenges they have to face. Capricorns are keen on expanding their knowledge and feel attracted to other intellectual people.

At work, they are proactive and hardworking, they don’t like to sit around and waste their time. They are pragmatic and resourceful, which means they can easily find solutions to the problems they encounter. When people around them don’t match their determination and seriosity they can become critical. In terms of their personal life, they are loyal and committed to their partners and friends.


Aquarius individuals are smart, knowledgeable and constantly in the need of learning new things. They are adventurous and dislike routine. People born under this sign are not fond of any type of authority, as they want to be free and independent and may even come across as rebellious. Even though they are highly social, which means they love to find themselves among people, they are very selective when it comes to choosing their friends, that have to be as intelligent, truthful and creative as they are.

Despite being sensitive by nature, they succeed in hiding their feelings and emotions as they have a hard time opening up. They are creative and find innovative solutions. Aquarius individuals are known for their sense of humour and being open-minded. They are caring people and make for great listeners.


Pisces are highly intuitive and they are often guided by their instinct. Thus, they can read people easily. They are also deeply emotional and value substantial and meaningful relationships. People born under this sign are kind, compassionate and generous. They are empathetic, as they empathize with people around them and considerate because they pay attention to their needs and feelings, making them feel noticed. Wise and pragmatic, they are known for offering the best advice.

Pisces individuals often have a positive mindset and are willing to bring joy wherever they go. They are sensitive and can be quite romantic partners. They can also be drawn to spirituality and mystical experiences. Pisces are curious, creative and highly adaptable individuals. This helps them tackle any problem in an effective and creative manner.


Autor: Ana-Maria Păun, Senior English Trainer, Centrul de Limbi Străine A_BEST

Ana-Maria Păun este absolventă a Facultății de Limbi și Literaturi Străine, specializarea Limba și Literatura Rusă – Limba și Literatura Engleză, și a masterului specializat în traducere din limba rusă intitulat Limba Rusă Aplicată – Tehnici de traducere. Ana-Maria deține atestatul lingvistic Cambridge Advanced, precum și un certificat de traducător pentru limba engleză, în domeniile literatură și medicină-farmacie.

Ana este pasionată de studiul și predarea limbilor străine și s-a implicat de-a lungul timpului în numeroase proiecte ca traducător voluntar, cu precădere în domeniul educației. Firea calmă, adaptabilitatea și răbdarea Anei fac din cursurile de limba engleză un mediu plăcut, unde cursanții capătă încredere în propriile forțe și își perfecționează abilitățile. Cursurile Anei sunt dinamice, având la bază activități interactive și tematici variate, relevante și actuale.