(Answers from last time: 1. postpone, 2.arrange, 3.cancel, 4. attend, 5. hold, 6.chair)


I hope you had a nice weekend. Today we are going to learn how to arrange a meeting. So, let’s take a look at some useful phrases:

1175999_black_notebook_with_pencilAsking for a meeting

Could we schedule a time to meet next week?’

’I’d like to schedule a meeting as soon as possible.’

’Can we meet and go over this together?’

’Perhaps we could meet and go over the details in person? ’

’Do you have time to meet next week? ’

’I was wondering if you might have time to meet on Thursday. ’

Suggesting a meeting time

’How about Monday at nine? ’

’How would Wednesday at four o’clock be for you? ’

’How about sometime after lunch? ’

’Could we meet next week? ’

’Could we schedule a time to meet next week? ’

’Can I suggest 7.30 on Thursday evening? ’

’Would half past five suit you? ’

Saying that you aren’t able to attend

’Sorry, I can’t make it then. ’

’I’m afraid I have another appointment then. ’

’I’m afraid I have another appointment at that time. ’

’I’m a bit tied up then. How about another time? ’

Saying that you can attend

’Sounds good. ’

’Yes, that works for me. ’

’Yes, I can manage that. ’

’Yes, that would be fine. ’

Confirming the day and time

’See you on Monday at seven. ’

’So, I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday at four. ’

’So that’s Tuesday at 3 p.m. in your office. ’

Here’s an exercise for you:

Put the words in the right order to make typical sentences for making arrangements:

  1.  time     meet     could     week     a     schedule     we     to     next?
  2. meet     go     details     person     and     over     perhaps     could     we     in     the?
  3. meeting     then      forward     to     I      you     look.
  4. would     for     next     be     Tuesday     you     how?
  5. appointment     time     I’m     have     that     afraid     another     at     I.
  6. to     as     I’d     possible     as     schedule     like     meeting     a     soon.
  7. can’t     then     it     I     sorry     make.

Enjoy it!

Source: ’English for Meetings’ by Kenneth Thomson

Autor: Cecilia Stănia – Trainer intern A_BEST Limba Engleză

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