Fiecare limbă are gama ei de cuvinte spumoase, interesante, ciudate și clasificate ca tabu de bunele maniere. Engleza britanică are un argou deosebit de vast, care dă o culoare locală oricărei idei. Să vedem câteva dintre cuvinte care sunt trecute cu mențiunea informal sau very informal in dicționar.

  1. ACE – excellent // ANY ROAD – anyway

I bought an ace car last week and I’m happy about it even if I had to wait 6 months for the model I wanted. Any road, it was worth it!

  1. BAGSY – to shout bagsy, to bagsy something // BELT UP – to shut up

My little sister has bagsied the last cake on the table, but I told her to belt up.

  1. CHUFFED – pleased // A COCK-UP – a disaster, a mess

This new colleague of ours has made a cock-up of the whole presentation, and the boss won’t be too chuffed with him.

  1. DODGY – suspicious // DO YOUR NUT – become very angry

I wouldn’t trust that book keeper if I were you… He’s doing some dodgy accounting. I’d do my nut if I were working with him.

  1. EASY PEASY – very easy // BE A GOOD EGG – be a nice person

Teaming up with her was easy-peasy, she’s a really good egg. We did a great job!

  1. TO FAFF – to waste time // FAM – family member or close friend

It’s time to go! Why are you still faffing around? I know it’s your birthday, but you’re keeping all your fam waiting.

  1. GOBSMACKED – amazed // TO GALLIVANT – to wander around, to go to a lot of places, enjoying yourself and not doing the things you should be doing

I went to the city to have a document authenticated by the notary public, but I was gobsmacked by all the nice places that I saw there and I went gallivanting here and there.

  1. HATCHES, MATCHES AND DISPATCHES – births, marriages and deaths, usually in a newspaper column // HAVE A MARY – throw a tantrum

The detective started by looking in the hatches, matches and dispatches column, and he found a picture of his client’s lover, who was getting married to some woman. The detective’s client had a Mary and left off without paying.

  1. ICE – diamonds // IVORIES – teeth

The filmstar was wearing a lot of ice, but I think it was mostly zirconium. Her ivories were real, though, and with that, she really shined like a star.

  1. ON A JOLLY – on an unnecessary, but desired trip // JAMMY – lucky all the time or very easy

Being an MP is pretty jammy: you get to be on a jolly all the time, to be closer to the people.

Autor: Magda Ciornei – trainer A_BEST de limba engleză și limba franceză 

Magdalena Ciornei este absolventă a Facultăţii de Limbi şi Literaturi Străine, specializarea Engleză – Franceză, din cadrul Universităţii din Bucureşti, promoţia 2008. Totodată, Magdalena a absolvit la aceeaşi universitate Masteratul European pentru Formarea Interpreților de Conferință.

Magdalena predă cursuri de limba engleză şi limba franceză, limbaj general şi de afaceri, atât la sediul A_BEST, cât şi la sediul companiilor multinaţionale.