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25 Key Abbreviations in Business English

In today’s article I will present you some of the most common abbreviations and acronyms that you should know if you work or want to work in the business world. First of all, what is the difference between an abbreviation and an acronym? As you might already know, an abbreviation is a shortening of a [...]

Collocations with ‘money’

Answers for the previous exercise (published on October 29th): 1-a, 2-b, 3-c, 4-d, 5-e, 6-f, 7-g, 8-h, 9-i,10-j, 11-k, 12-l, 13-m Hello everyone! The way we associate words is extremely important in English and an important step to improving your vocabulary is to learn the words that commonly go together. For example, when we talk [...]

Business communication – How to write a business email

Hello everyone! Writing a business email can sometimes be difficult and time consuming, because it is not only about what we are saying, it is also about how we are saying it. Finding the right words and phrases can be challenging, especially when trying to be polite and formal. Today we are going to learn [...]

Clubul de conversaţie “Business English for Real!”, miercuri, în perioada 31 iulie – 2 octombrie 2013

Concept: Clubul de conversaţie „Business English for Real!” îşi propune să creeze un cadru de discuţii în limba engleză pe teme economice şi politice de actualitate. Alături de un trainer-moderator entuziast, participanţii vor avea ocazia să practice conversaţia în limba engleză prin abordarea unor tematici din domenii de activitate variate. Perioadă derulare: 31 iulie – 2 [...]