A_BEST Foreign Languages Center offer professional translation services and can provide high-standard and trustworthy linguistic support for corporations.

Our team of in-house translators and collaborators is experienced, professional and capable of solving the most difficult linguistic situations and faithfully convey the gist of a text into the targeted language, while also taking into account the cultural differences. Moreover, our team guarantees the confidentiality of the information provided by the customer within the materials that are to be translated.

The A_BEST team can translate a wide range of texts, covering various domains of activity such as:

  • web sites translations
  • technical translations
  • economy translations
  • juridical translations
  • medical/pharmaceutical translations
  • finance/banking translations
  • IT translations
  • Literary translations.

Rates vary depending on:

  • the length of the text;
  • the degree of difficulty and specialization of the text;
  • the delivery time.


The A_BEST interprets can be your “voice” and facilitate communication with your foreign business partners in different contexts such as:

  • business meetings;
  • conferences;
  • negotiations;
  • seminars
  • law suits;
  • actions;
  • interviews;
  • social events.

We can provide simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services.

In order to provide top-quality interpretation services, it is best for the client to provide as many details about the event a couple of days beforehand.

Rates (per hour/ per day) vary depending on the degree of difficulty and specialization of the interpretation and the contract duration.

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