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Guided tour for your foreign business partners, and not only!

Situated at the crossroad between Occident and Orient, Bucharest is an atypical European capital, which can be elusive to the untrained eye. Our guided tower will offer you access to mesmerizing locations, some renowned while others quite unknown, but all with a fascinating history. This city of contrasts, heterogeneous and sometimes chaotic, can take you by surprise, scandalize you and seduce you at the same time. Defined by its eclecticism, that can be discovered by contemplating a number of popular spots, Bucharest will bring you face to face with several styles and époques, from medieval castles to neoclassic, communist and postmodernist sites. They all blend together in a mix of elegant Occidental grandeur and sensual Oriental nonchalance.

Guided Tour organised by A_BEST:


  • Starts from Marriott Hotel.
  • Short stop at Palace Square, in front of The Palace of the Parliament (15 min).
  • The next stop is at Unification Square (fountains complex), followed by I.C. Brătianu Boulevard (Bărăţia Church, Colţea Hospital), University Square (30 min), The University of Bucharest, statuary ensemble, the Russia Church, BCR Headquarters, The National Theatre Bucharest, The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Intercontinental Hotel).
  • Moving on towards Blvd. Nicolae Bălcescu/ Gheorghe Magheru (the Italian church, Nottara Theatre), The Roman Square (ASE), Lascăr Catargiu Boulevard, Victory Square (Victoria Palace), Aviatorilor Boulevard (The Monument to the Heroes of the Air), Charles de Gaulle Square (near Herăstrău Park), The Triumphal Arch, Kiseleff Avenue (The Village Museum), Free Press Square (House of the Free Press, Romexpo), The National Geology Museum, The Grigore Antipa National Museum of Natural History
  • The tour will continue on Victory Avenue (Cantacuzino Palace, Casa Vernescu), Revolution Square with a short stop (30 min) (The Romanian Athenaeum, The National Museum of Art of Romania, The Ministry of Internal Affairs, statuary ensemble, Kretzulescu Church, The Central University Library of Bucharest). The tour will then move along Victoria Avenue (Bucharest Telephone Palace, Continental Hotel, Casa Capşa, The Odeon Theatre, The Palace of the National Military Circle), followed by Regina Elisabeta Boulevard / Mihail Kogălniceanu (Bucharest City Hall, Cișmigiu Gardens, Kogălniceanu Square) up toHero’s Square (The Romanian National Opera, Elefterie Church). We can also include a small detour around Cotroceni Palace.
  • The retour route will be on Mihail Kogălniceanu Boulevard/ Regina Elisabeta up tothe juncture with Victoriei Avenue, then down Victoriei Avenue, with a small stop near the CEC Palace (30 min) (the CEC Palace, Zlătari Church, The National Museum of Romanian History, Stavropoleos Street and a short walk through the Old Town).
  • We will also pass by the United Nations Square, Independence Way (The Justice Palace, Unification Square), followed by a short stop at The Romanian Orthodox Patriarchal Cathedral (30 min). The tour will end in front of Marriott Hotel.

Approximate duration: 3h15 – 3h30.

The guided tour will be translated into the following languages: English/ French/ German/ Italian/ Spanish/ other foreign languages, on request.

Optional: meals at a traditional Romanian restaurant.

*** This guided tour does not include visiting the interiors of the buildings mentioned above, Aside from The Romanian Orthodox Patriarchal Cathedral and the Stavropoleos Church (optionally The Romanian Athenaeum).

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