There are several advantages to our Corporate A_BEST Courses:

1st Advantage:

Excellency in teaching, demonstrated through:
    1. The professionalism of the A_BEST trainers

The A_BEST trainers are renowned for their excellent academic studies and for their enthusiasm. They have all graduated from faculties related to this domain and have extensive experience in teaching foreign languages for corporations. With ample studies in linguistics (Master’s Degrees, PhDs, refresher courses etc), most of them are part of academic institutions. They have also attained international certifications, such as: LCCI English for Business How to Pass Training, The Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA), TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) Certificate – University of Cambridge – ESOL Examinations, Goethe Zertifikat C2: GroßesDeutschesSprachdiplom, DALF C2 etc. Our trainers are true professionals with not only real pedagogic skills, but also business communication abilities, fully comprehending corporate practices and capable of successfully adapting the content of the lessons to the realities of the particular work field of the participants.

    1. A_BEST Curriculum and teaching materials used

The structure, content and objectives of the course are established in accordance with the beneficiary’s requests.

The course packages are selected from prominent publishing houses (OXFORD, CAMBRIDGE, THOMSON, DIDIER, CLE INTERNATIONAL, HUBER etc), which we are constantly pairing with compatible worksheets adapted or conceived by A_BEST trainers, to completely satisfy the linguistic needs of the trainees.

    1. Teaching method (CLT- Communicative Language Teaching)

The A_BEST trainers, which have extensive experience in teaching foreign languages to adults, embrace a communicative approach throughout the training sessions, focusing on the improvement of the trainees’ abilities to successfully use the amassed knowledge in different social contexts, both formally and informally.


2nd Advantage:

Rigorous selection process and implementation of the courses

The rigorous selection process and implementation of the courses represent a guarantee of success for the A_Best trainees, ensuring a productive business relationship.

  • Step 1: initial evaluation available to all participants(linguistic auditing – written and oral testing, following the regulations established by CEF– Common European Framework) and forming of teams based on the identified linguistic abilities, in accordance with the objectives, schedule, and area of expertise of the participants, etc.;
  • Step 2: adaptation of the curriculum and selection of suitable course materials, based on a thorough analysis of the communicational needs of the prospect trainees – usually established in partnership with the Human Resources Manager or direct supervisor;
  • Step 3: the actual enactment of the courses and their monitoring through continuous evaluations, applied realistically, rigour sly and constructively, along with the constant feedback received from the trainees through feedback forms especially designed for this purpose–the trainees are encouraged to provide suggestions throughout the whole training process and also by weekly/monthly HR reports. We also have a real-time online reporting system accessible to our trainers for completing attendance reports and notes on the registered progress (test results, strengths/recommendations, etc.);
  • Step 4: revision sessions and final testing;
  • Step 5: release of participation certificates for the trainees and of a final official course report by the A_BEST Corporate Course Coordinator for the Human Resources Department archive of the beneficiary (on request);
  • Step 6 ***: organization of LCCI examinations (London Chamber of Commerce and Industry) – International Qualifications from EDI/ ECL, for international accreditation/ “linguistic passports” which are recognised worldwide.
*** Applied on request.


3rd Advantage:

The possibility to apply for our ULTRA ALL INCLUSIVE package when requesting a financial offer

For our corporate clients that have applied for the ULTRA ALL INCLUSIVE package when requesting the financial offer, we have covered the following:

  • costs of transportation for the trainers that will travel to the beneficiary’s location;
  • “Mobile Classroom” –covering the full necessities of the course, including the complete free equipping of the classrooms offered by the client at their headquarters throughout the whole duration of the course with: magnetic board/ flipchart, CD-player etc. (where they are not available, depending on the trainers or A_BEST course coordinator indications);
  • course package for each trainee (course book/ without CD-ROM, personalized worksheets etc., from renowned publishing houses or internally designed by the A_BEST trainers);
  • audio/video materials
  • monitoring and reporting;
  • evaluation of each trainee’s progress;
  • release of A_BEST certificates.

4th Advantage:

National coverage

The A_BEST Corporate Courses of English, French and German are available in: Bucharest, Ploiești, Cluj, Sibiu, Brașov, Timișoara, Craiova, Iași, Constanța, Galați, Brăila.

N.B.: In our business dealings with the clients, the representatives of the A_BEST Foreign Languages Center are constantly striving to offer packages of linguistic services designed to fully exploit the resources available for these segments and contribute to the optimization of costs.

Furthermore, we offer consultancy in regards to the Linguistic Management Strategy, which represents a set of measures and techniques employed by different companies to handle linguistic and cultural differences when dealing with foreign markets.

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