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We strongly believe in Communication. If you are passionate about foreign languages, if you need a translation or if you wish to learn a foreign language that will help you advance in your career, we can’t wait to meet you and help you find the most suitable learning method for you.

All our services are tailored to satisfy the linguistic requirements of our times, which are constantly changing. One of our priorities is to keep in touch with anything and everything that is new, so we can provide services that will meet all your expectations or of the company you work for.

Linguistic services at international standards!

The A_BEST Foreign Languages Center was inaugurated in 2008 out of our passion for foreign languages. From the very first day, the A_Best Team has gone to great lengths to build and preserve professional, honest and long term relationships with our business partners from Romania and from abroad which has led to the rise of A_BEST Foreign Languages Center in this competitive and exigent sector.

Throughout the years, A_BEST has developed a portfolio of various customers, some of which are renowned international corporations. Furthermore, the A_BEST Foreign Languages Center has taken several steps to further its progress, by obtaining accreditations that allow us to hold internationally recognized testing sessions such as:

  • LCCI (London Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
  • International Qualifications from EDI – English for Business
  • English for Tourism
  • ECL (European Consortium for the Certificate of Attainment in Modern Languages).

As of 2012, the A_BEST Foreign Languages Center obtained permission to organize Cambridge pre-testing sessions for IELTS, BEC, YLE etc. and has also become an official representative of the Meridian School of English – part of Tellus Group Ltd, in Great Britain, for the following programmes: English Language Training, Work Experience and English Language Scholarship.
Presently, the A_BEST Foreign Languages Center can offer full linguistic services at international standards for more than 15 foreign languages and also foreign languages courses for general/ business/ specialized language, for both individuals and corporations. We also organize ECL and LCCI testing sessions, Cambridge pre-testing sessions, and offer courses of Romanian for foreigners, translation and interpreting services, linguistic auditing, guided tours in several languages and linguistic stays.

The A_BEST team members are highly motivated people, which enjoy working in a professional and competitive environment.

The A_BEST Trainers

The A_BEST trainers are renowned for their excellent academic studies and for their enthusiasm. They have all graduated from faculties related to this field and have extensive experience in teaching foreign languages for corporations. With ample studies in linguistics (Master’s Degrees, PhDs, refresher courses etc), most of them are part of academic institutions. They have also attained international certifications, such as: LCCI English for Business How to Pass Training, The Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA), TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) Certificate – University of Cambridge – ESOL Examinations, Goethe Zertifikat C2: GroßesDeutschesSprachdiplom, DALF C2 etc.

Our trainers are true professionals with not only real pedagogic skills, but also business communication abilities, fully comprehending corporate practices and capable of successfully adapting the content of the lessons to the realities of the particular work field of the participants. We are happy to introduce some of our colleagues, click here.

The A_BEST Translators

Our team of in-house translators and collaborators is experienced, professional and capable of solving the most difficult linguistic situations and faithfully convey the gist of a text into the targeted language, while also taking into account the cultural differences.

Carefully selected based on rigorous criteria, the translators and interpreters of A_BEST Foreign Languages Center are specialized in various fields (economic, technical, legal, medical, pharmaceutical, financial, IT, constructions, insurances, marketing etc.) and are certified by the Romanian Minister of Justice for rendering professional translations and for providing trustworthy linguistic services to international companies.

With a vast experience on the market, the A_BEST Foreign Language Center has received certifications with time to organize internationally recognized exams.

LCCISo, in 2009, the A_BEST Foreign Language Center was accredited for LCCI (London Chamber of Commerce and Industry) – International Qualifications from EDI, for LCCI exams (English for Business, English for Tourism, JETSET). LCCI exams are internationally recognized and are used as hiring tools by companies worldwide.

ECLIn September 2012, the A_BEST Foreign Language Center received an ECL accreditation (European Consortium for the Certificate of Attainment in Modern Languages), being able to organize exams in order to obtain ECL certificates in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Portuguese and Russian. Also called a “linguistic passport”, the ECL certificate is useful for those who want to study abroad, for those who want to work in the research field or want to get a job in Europe or anywhere in the world.

In August 2012, the A_BEST Foreign Language Center became an official representative of Meridian School of English – part of Tellus Group Ltd in Great Britain for the following programs: English Language Training, Work Experience and English Language Scholarship.

Cambridge pretestingIn October 2012, the A_BEST Foreign Language Center was licensed for Cambridge pre-testing sessions (IELTS, KET, FCE, CAE, BEC, YLE) etc.

Autorizatie ANCIn 2016, A_BEST Foreign Language Center was accredited by the National Accreditation Authority (ANC) to organize the following courses: English acrredited courses for adults (over 18 years old), Train the Trainer courses and Archivist courses. The issued certificates are nationally recognised and are endorsed by the Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Education. * The certificate contains an annex describing the competencies acquired.

The A_BEST Foreign Language Centre Partners

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The method of teaching was very explicit and easy to understand. The atmosphere at the course was very warm and cheerful. The trainer was friendly, open-minded and willing to help every time and give as many explanations as necessary. I strongly recommend this English course.
The atmosphere during the English language course was relaxed. The trainer is a jolly, funny person who explains and clarifies the things you may not understand. The teaching method is a very good one, understandable and very effective for those who are keen on learning English. I kindly recommend this course.
The teaching method used for the English course was efficient and the atmosphere was enjoyable. The trainer used an explicit teaching method. I recommend this course to those who wish to learn English.
This was an open English course and I learned a lot of things in a short time. The trainer contributed to the quick assimilation of information during our classes, clarifying the problematic notions. The attitude of the trainer made a huge difference. Even though we sometimes made mistakes, he continued to encourage us.
I appreciated the relaxed atmosphere, the teaching method focused on communication and the proper use of grammatical rules. I completed the English course and I liked the teaching method applied by the trainer and the fact that we were constantly encouraged to talk. Furthermore, audio recording were used for this course, which helped me receive and send messages in English easier. Personally, I have made progress and I recommend the A_BEST course. 
The English course has been very useful to me, helping me clarify the grammatical rules, enrich my vocabulary and also develop my conversational abilities. The course atmosphere was very pleasant, given the rest of the group and the interactive teaching method used by the trainer. The trainer had a very positive, open-minded, calm and friendly attitude, therefore this was a very pleasant and relaxing course.
The course was very relaxing, based on communication, the trainer was very friendly, able to help the students relax, so they would feel more confident to communicate freely.
The teacher was great, the teaching method was fine and the course atmosphere was like home. I was lucky with Alex. He was a good trainer. If I come here next time, I would like to join his lessons.
The trainer was a nice, engaging and understanding person, with a structured teaching method. I attended the German course for begginers and the teaching was step-by-step, the reason why the knowledge acquired can take me to the next level. I was part of an entertaining group and this was an advantage.
The English course was very useful as it helped me improved my vocabulary and consolidate my grammar knowledge. The teaching method was modern, entertaining, my colleagues very friendly and the teacher highly-trained.
The German course that I attended was very interesting, interactive and engaging.
It’s a course where there’s no chance to get bored, because it’s interactive and funny, as it involves games and role-play. For that reason, it was easier for me to learn. It was a pleasure to attend the class and I improved my English vocabulary, grammar and my communication skills. I highly recommend the English courses at A_BEST Foreign Language Center.

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